Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

From the food to the wine, Restaurant Beck prides itself on providing you, our guest, with the best ingredients we can find. Either from local farms, fisherman, wild crafters, and small production vineyards, this is for you. In addition to our a'la carte menu we also offer five and seven course tasting menus paired with or without wine.

This menu is an example and changes in some form on a daily basis using locally foraged and locally farmed ingredients



Sample Menu


Albacore Tuna Crudo
jasmine tea cured, tonnato, jalapeno, citrus, onion ash, sour gherkins, borage, caper, garlic chips, herbs, yogurt, finger lime

tomato gelee, tomato leather, tomato sorbet, tomato powder, buttermilk, mustard greens, fennel frond, compressed hermiston melon

Pork Belly Confit
miso ice cream,
sea salt, sea beans

Foie Gras
chile cured bar, nasturtium, candied hazelnut,
vanilla basil seeds, brown butter puree


Brandt Flat Iron
pickled huckleberries, chanterelle mushrooms,
grilled endive, hickory roasted pears, beef jus

cannellini beans, bacon, grilled kale - pine nut pesto, celery leaf & meyer lemon gremolata

King Salmon
popcorn, corn puree, beet top,
shaved beet, sous vide beet, beet - almond soil

Pork Shoulder
crispy braised red cabbage, roasted stonefruit,
lobster mushrooms, licorice root compressed apples





Who we get our wonderful
products from

Pinenut & Sunrise Apple Cake
creme fraiche & pinenut brittle
ice cream, petit basil
pinenut milk, lace cookie

Chocolate Cremeux
caramel, salted cocoa cookie,
huckleberry sorbet

Meyer Lemon & Almond Poundcake
fig, italian plum,
meadow foam honey -
yogurt ice cream

$9 each

we proudly serve
surf town coffee
newport, OR




$3 / $5

Espresso martini